Completely Undone

Have you ever considered what makes you come
completely undone?

For me
this is a no brainer
and at times,
it's made me angry,
if truth be told, 
and if anything about this blog:
I want to remain truthful at all times.

And for me, 
probably more than anything
in the entire world,
it's to be on the receiving end of a 
forehead kiss.

It will unravel me.
It will strip me bare.
It will expose me at my most absolute vulnerable being.

There is something completely and utterly unselfish about forehead kisses.
It's all giving.
NOTHING is expected.
it's all
"I see you
I feel you
I love you"
with nothing in return.
Any other kiss is kissed back. 
A hug is felt back in return, even if it's just the feel of their body against you.
A word spoken is still an expectation of a response, even if it's just an expression on their face.
But a forehead kiss?
Zero exception.
It's all given
with nothing received.

If your forehead is the wall to your core
to your soul
to your absolute being
 a forehead kiss
is the removable of one single brick at a time
of all the barriers that have been placed over a lifetime of heartaches
and, God help me,
a single forehead kiss
 shakes me.
Towers me.

It almost paralyzes me.

The idea of ONE SINGLE BRICK erected, with the possibility of its removable, is terrifying.
The potential of more than one is mind-boggling.

most don't know this about me.
And those that do know...
well, most are either dead
or will simply
 never read this.

So safety reigns supreme.

And I'm not sure if that makes me
sad or glad.
or if it just ... 

But for those who read this
aren't part of me
but have the ability to kiss the forehead of 

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