We're all a little insane here.

Sometimes I don't know what to say

(surprising to hear, I'm sure) and 
sometimes I say too much 
(not surprising, I know!) but still, 
when I knew it was time to start blogging again, 
and the idea of revamping this blog with the first post 
became THE NOW

I was a bit struck dumb with What To Post.

I knew the timing was right. 
The dynamic in our lives has changed again.
The youngest of the four kids just graduated.
My "stay at home momma" status with school aged children is no longer really a label even if that child is still at home.

Technically, Cooper and Sydney are both still at home, but just last week, Sydney suddenly got a call for her dream job as a church camp counselor at the camp she used to spent a week attending in the summer when she was in high school. She said goodbye to Subway and headed west and the house is quieter with just Rick, Cooper and me in it.

And then today, Cooper was hired for his first job at DQ (just like his big sister, Carly!") And they've hired him for "fulltime". I don't know if that's true fulltime but he starts Monday and he's scheduled for 9-5 so...

That shrinks the sounds of this old house down even more.

So here I am ... 
looking for the new definition of me. 
Welcome to my midlife crisis.
Turn up the music.
I'm going to dance like no one is watching
but I know they probably are, 
and maybe even recording it too, 
and we're all laughing -- hard -- because 
we're so happy to be alive and 
moving in these moments and making
memories together.

Want to join me?
Are you ready?

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