National Donut Day

Today is National Donut Day and to celebrate, I give you a true story about two people who, on this very day 4 years ago today, did not know it was National Donut Day when they ventured into a Krispy Kreme and the following happened. If this sounds familiar, then we are probably FB friends from back on June 7th, 2015. The difference is that with blogger, I can add the photos as I tell the story, and it's MUCH better this way!

Adventures at Krispy Kreme. 
Let me preface this: we live in a small town and we have Krispy Kreme -- at the local gas station. (Edit to update: our gas station got rid of them a couple of years ago. BUT! As of like a month ago, the Walmart down the ways (30 minutes) has some. They're nasty.) I can walk by them repeatedly with no temptation whatsoever. So I went into this store with confidence.

And then this happened:

We walk in and see THIS! 

Fried in front of a glass window and AS THEY COME OUT, a little lady is there whipping them off and sweetly saying, "Free sample" as she just puts it into your hand.
( geniuses...)

Who can say no to a sweet old lady? And then you taste it, fresh and hot from the belt and you think, "Okay...I'll do an extra 742 laps for this" and you haven't even gotten to the display yet! So then there's this angel soft, angel sweetness melting on your tongue as you look at the case

and Rick says, "We'll take a dozen" and we each pick out 2 of 3 kinds each because hey, tomorrow is TEN HOURS ON THE ROAD, right?

THEN, Satan* opens his mouth and says, "This is $9.29 but you can get another dozen for just $5 more" and I think Rick groaned out loud. Then *I* piped up with, "I want the hot ones."
And then my righteous indignation piped up and I scolded the SatanMan. I said, "You should be ashamed! You with your JUST FIVE DOLLARS FOR AN EXTRA DOZEN! Do you know how many people have DIED from the hot samples suckering them in and then your extra dozen and heart attacks and diabetes?!"
And he said: "Do you know how many times a day, every day, people say that to me?! I'm okay with that." So then I said, "I'm quoting you on Facebook" and took his picture (with his permission, obviously)
and he laughed at my righteous indignation! The nerve!
And then we took our BAG of donuts and left
and then opened both boxes up on the king sized bed
and decided it was totally worth the extra 742 laps.
The End.

Happy National Donut Day, my freaky darlings!

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