This Kiss

Rick and I met online, as people are prone to do these days.
February 9, 2009, he sent me a message and there was something about his eyes so of course, I messaged him back. 
That message turned into a phone call.
That phone call led to a first date the next night.

That next night consisted of me trying to get 3 (of the 4) kids settled and arranged while I drove 30 minutes west and he drove 30 minutes east. He got there before me because I was running late (see the previously mentioned kids -- then ages 7, 8 and 14) so I was getting texts like "If you ever get here" -- spoiler alert: I got there!
(Bigger spoiler alert: he hasn't been able to shake me yet! I'm crafty like that!)

We met at Chili's.
(side note: he now hates Chili's -- not sure what that denotes now that I wrote it...but I digress)
I ordered one kind of fajitas and he ordered another kind and we shared them and I swear it's like I'd known him my 
I talked and talked and talked and I'm like THIS GUY IS THE BEST LISTENER EVER and then later found out he has crazy hearing loss.
... 😒
(side note again: now he has these really fancy blutooth hearing aids so I don't know if he's listening to something on his phone or laptop while I'm talking and talking and talking until he'll finally look up, realize I'm talking, make a pointed gesture to turn OFF his device and then ask me, "Where you saying something?"
I digress.

After my first motorcycle later, the night ended with the best first kiss.
I tell him ALL. THE. TIME. that he got a second date because of that kiss but really, we clicked on a ton of different ways but ya'll, that kiss.

It's like Florida Georgia Line says:
you hope the best one is the last one
Here's our first selfie from a week after we started dating.
(We were OBVIOUSLY already at expert-level with our selfie-game.)

Happy National Kissing Day, Honey.

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